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Seton Hall Law Places Highest number of Graduates on ROI Influencers: Law list

August 19, 2022

With 25 selections, Seton Hall Law has earned the honor of producing the most graduates on the ROI Influencers: Law list. When interviewed by ROI, Dean Kathleen Boozang credits the strong alumni network for part of the school’s success. She goes into detail about why graduates’ willingness to give back, not only to society, but to the next generation of lawyers, sets Seton Hall Law apart from the rest.

Dean Boozang says, “We talk about leadership and engagement — and understanding that your professional life is more than billing hours: It’s about engaging in the world around you and giving back to your community, through pro bono work, public service, bar activities. It’s about, how are you going to make a difference in the world around you?

"Our hope and expectation is that it will continue throughout their careers. And it includes, of course, giving back to the law school and the next generation."

Dean Kathleen Boozang

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