Media Services   

Working in conjunction with Special Programs, the Rodino Center provides classroom and event technology support, maintenance and development for the law school building and community.  This includes support for all projectors, sound systems, classroom computers and recording systems in all areas of the building including our auditorium, classrooms, conference and function rooms, moot courts, offices and atrium.

To reserve a room and order special AV equipment, please contact Special Programs at 973-642-8551, [email protected].

To reserve an audio recording (restricted to law students and faculty only), please contact Student Services at 973-642-8707, [email protected]

Event Support - AV and IT

The Rodino Center provides limited IT and AV support for all medium to large scale onsite events, usually held in the our 273 & 373 classrooms, auditorium and faculty library event space. By limited support, this means the RC will test all equipment in an event room to make sure it is functional, and meet beforehand with event sponsors to determine if additional setup is necessary.  Due to personnel constraints, the RC will not provide in-room support while an event is occurring, but rather will be on call in case of equipment failure or other problems.

Event sponsors and presenters are required to be fully versed in their computer AV skills, including Powerpoint, video conferencing, sound levels and other computer-based operations needed for an event.

For medium or large events, the RC requires the event sponsor to designate an RA(s), student helper(s) to other event sponsor personnel to any and all IT and AV duties that are required.  This includes but is not limited to loading and initiating Powerpoint presentations, starting videos in any format, adjusting volumes, running video conferencing software and other computer-based functions. The RC will train the designee(s) on how to operate AV equipment such as sound boards, microphones and other AV devices.