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Shaping the Next Generation of Legal Minds: Professor Karla Foy Wins University-Wide Award for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching

Professor Karla Foy Faculty AwardTextbook facts may blur with time, but the lessons from an exceptional teacher remain with you for a lifetime. Seton Hall University recently recognized some of its most distinguished faculty members at the Annual Celebration of Faculty Excellence. Among the honorees was Professor Karla Foy, who received the University-Wide award for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching 21st-Century Skills. The award underscores Professor Foy’s instrumental role in shaping future legal minds.


Professor Foy is a core member of the Lawyering faculty, a position in which she has excelled by pairing academic rigor with a collegial classroom environment. Lawyering, a comprehensive year-long course, provides students with opportunities to exercise and receive intensive feedback on a broad range of practical lawyering skills including research, writing, interviewing, counseling, negotiation, and oral advocacy. For Professor Foy, being recognized as a Lawyering professor was “a particular honor because our work is the front line of practical, interactive skills.”


Students of “Foy Lawyering” not only develop a strong foundation of essential legal skills, but a sense of purpose within the profession.  Emma Riccardi ‘25, a former student, expressed her gratitude: “Professor Foy’s class was truly transformative for me—I felt valued as an individual, and was continuously challenged as a student and novice attorney. Professor Foy’s genuine belief in her students’ potential always assured me that through diligence, commitment, and a willingness to ‘lean in’ I would actualize my fullest potential.”


In addition to Lawyering, Professor Foy serves as the school’s Director of Bar Support. She provides essential guidance and mentorship to students as they plan their Bar exam studies, helping them balance their academic and personal lives. Committed to keeping her students ahead, Professor Foy has started preparing for the NextGen Bar exam:


"The NextGen bar examination is being adopted across the country, placing greater emphasis on both skills and the interplay between doctrinal subjects. Lawyering will be the first place these skills are introduced. I am proud to be part of a stellar group of Lawyering faculty as we adapt our curriculum to address the NextGen bar examination, ensuring Seton Hall Law students are prepared to meet new challenges."


Through her dedication and eye towards innovation, Professor Foy ensures that the lessons and mentorship she provides will remain with her students long after they leave the classroom. Having had Professor Foy this year for Lawyering, I was impressed by her ability to combine both professional and educational experience into an informative curriculum. She consistently weaves the “bigger picture” into her lessons, drawing on her practical wisdom to ensure that each student not only grasps the principles of effective legal writing, but understands how to apply these skills in real-world scenarios. Professor Foy has proved that exceptional teaching creates enduring legacies.

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