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Health Law Outlook Blog Celebrated at Annual Dinner

HLO DinnerOn Wednesday April 3, 2024, Seton Hall Law’s Health Law Forum celebrated the Health Law Outlook’s authors and publications of the 2023-2024 academic year. The Health Law Outlook is Health Law Forum's student-run health law journal. The purpose of the Health Law Forum is to educate students about the field of health law and to connect students to health law-related networking opportunities, internships, externships, and jobs.  Students explore current and emerging issues in scholarly articles, through which they contribute to the rapidly-evolving discourse in health law and policy. The student editorial board is responsible for the selection and editing of articles as well as for driving the website development, under the supervision of a faculty advisor.


During the event, the executive board and Professor Doron Dorfman answered questions about the Health Law Concentration and related curriculum planning. Alec Mais ‘24, Health Law Forum President and HLO Editor-in-Chief said, “The writers and editors did a fantastic job. The papers covered a wide variety of topics in Health Law from transplantation to pharmaceuticals to racial disparities to medical malpractice and more. The HLO dinner had an amazing turnout; it was great to see everyone celebrating all the hard work the writers, editors, and e-board put into the papers.”


This year’s authors included: Matthew Andrade, Cait Collins, Cindy Dang, Michelle Garcia, Elena Markos, Alec Mais, Victoria Mastrofilippo, Victoria Schaefer, and Nick Schwartz. You can read their articles in the Health Law Outlook e-repository: https://scholarship.shu.edu/health-law-outlook/ and read more about the Health Law Forum on the HLF blog: https://blogs.shu.edu/health-law-forum/

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