Angela Carmella

Professor Angela Carmella

Professor of Law

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  • J.D. Harvard Law School | M.T.S. Harvard Divinity School | A.B. Princeton University
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  • [email protected]
  • Tel: 973-642-8843
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  • Property, Religion and First Amendment, Zoning, Planning and Land Use Policy

Professor Angela Carmella’s intellectual focus is the intersection of law and religion, specifically the First Amendment’s religion clauses, religious land use, and Catholic social thought. Professor Carmella writes and speaks on a wide range of issues, which includes most recently the exercise of religion by for-profit entities, the special concerns of religious non-profits, zoning impacts on religious groups, and the Second Vatican Council’s teaching on religious freedom. She has delivered an Alpheus T. Mason Lecture in Constitutional Law and Political Thought at Princeton University on religious exemptions and the common good, presented work at the American Constitution Society’s Conference on the Religion Clauses in the 21st Century, and organized the first conference of legal scholars to address the complex issues raised when religious institutions file for bankruptcy. Professor Carmella’s interest in articulating religious perspectives on legal issues led to her co-editing a path-breaking collection of essays published by Yale University Press and to her participation in the Emory University Center for the Study of Law and Religion’s Project on Law and Human Nature: the Teachings of Modern Christianity, published by Columbia University Press. She has served as Visiting Scholar and Lecturer at Harvard Divinity School, and as a Fellow of Harvard’s Center for the Study of Values in Public Life. Professor Carmella shares her expertise in the religion clauses with the Law School’s Seton Center for Religiously Affiliated NonProfit Corporations. She has served on the Editorial Council of Journal of Church and State and on the Legal Scholars Board of DePaul Law School’s Center for Church/State Studies. Following graduation from Harvard Law School and Harvard Divinity School, Professor Carmella worked as a real estate associate at Csaplar & Bok in Boston. She came to Seton Hall in 1988, was named a Dean’s Fellow in 2006, and was awarded the Francis P. McQuade Research Fellowship in 2007 and again in 2008. She has been honored with the John Courtney Murray Professorship.



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Full list of presentations available in Curriculum Vitae

Law and Religion, Festschrift for Robert F. Cochran, Jr., Pepperdine Law School (February 2019) (Panelist)

Building Faith: Religious Freedom through Land Use Laws, Co-sponsored by Seton Hall Law School, Office of the U.S. Attorney, and Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice (June 2018) (Organizer and Panelist)

Hot Topics: Establishment Clause and Intent, Ninth Annual Law and Religion Roundtable, University of Pennsylvania Law School (June 2018) (Panelist)

Religious Freedom Annual Review: Religious Freedom and the Common Good, Brigham Young Law School (June 2018) (Panelist)

Symposium on Religious Freedom and the Common Good, The University of St. Thomas School of Law, Minneapolis (March 2018) (Presenter, The Establishment Clause and the Common Good))