Fareed Nassor Hayat

Fareed Nassor Hayat

Professor of Law

  • Degrees:

  • UCLA | Howard University School of Law
  • Contact:

  • [email protected]
  • Courses:

  • Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Trial Advocacy

Fareed Nassor Hayat is a Professor of Law at Seton Hall University School of Law (SHU). He teaches constitutional law, criminal law, criminal procedure and trial advocacy. Prior to joining the law faculty at SHU, Hayat was the Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and an Associate Professor at CUNY School of Law, and a visiting Professor/co-director of the Criminal Justice Clinic at Howard University School of Law. As Academic Dean, Hayat created a “No Cost” bar support program in which every graduating student received a full bar exam course scholarship at no cost. Additionally, Hayat established the “Equity Line” retention program to increase academic performance of first generation access students. As a former Maryland Assistant Public Defender, Hayat litigated thousands of criminal matters, demanded and won over 90% of criminal trials. In private practice Hayat litigated Section 1983 Civil Rights cases in the area of police brutality, jail medical malpractice and Eight Amendment Cruel and Unusual punishment. Hayat researches, writes and applies Thirteenth Amendment jurisprudence to modern day iterations of oppression. Additionally, he has written and is recognized nationally as an expert on the fundamentally unfair nature of gang prosecutions. He has been published is Cincinnati Law Review, New Mexico Law Review, UCLA Law Review Discourse, Rutgers Law Review, Ohio State Law Review and has a forthcoming article in UCLA Law Review. Hayat is a graduate of UCLA and Howard University School of Law. Hayat is the father of two boys and life-long community advocate.