John Jacobi

Professor John V. Jacobi

Dorothea Dix Professor of Health Law &Policy

  • Degrees:

  • J.D., Harvard Law School | B.A., State University College of New York at Buffalo
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  • [email protected]
  • Tel: 973-642-8952
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  • Disability Law, Health Law, Health Finance, Health Care Fraud & Abuse, International & Comparative Health Law, Public Health Law, Torts I

Professor John Jacobi's work is primarily in the areas of Health, Finance, Insurance, and Access; Mental Health Law; and Disability Law.

Professor Jacobi received B.A., summa cum laude, from the State University College of New York at Buffalo and his J.D., magna cum laude, from Harvard Law School. He teaches in the areas of Health Law, Health Finance, Disability Law, Public Health Law, Mental Health Law, and Torts. Professor Jacobi spent five years working for the New Jersey Department of the Public Advocate as Special Assistant to the Commissioner, where he worked on health, civil rights, and disability issues through litigation and advocacy in legislatures and regulatory agencies. He then became a Gibbons Fellow at the Gibbons firm, where he pursued health, prisoners’ rights, and disability issues. During 2007-2008 he was on leave from the law school, serving as Senior Associate Counsel to N.J. Governor Jon S. Corzine on Health, Human Services, and Children's Issues. He serves on the Board of the Greater Newark Healthcare Coalition, and the North Jersey Community Research Initiative, an HIV service organization.

Professor Jacobi serves as principal investigator on a number of grant-funded projects on topics including behavioral health integration, mental health parity, and health insurance reform. He writes and speaks on issues including disability rights, health access and finance, public health, and mental health. His recent and current scholarly projects include the application of the health reform law to the poor and people with disabilities, the implementation of mental health parity laws, state implementation of Medicaid and private health insurance reform, the improvement of chronic care in health systems, the funding and structure of services for children with disabilities, the obligations of government to provide services to people with serious mental illness, and the clash of disability rights and public health interests. He served on the Governor’s Task Force on Mental Health, the Board of Advisors of the New Jersey Office of Child Advocacy, the New Jersey Olmstead Advisory Council on disability rights, and on other government and non-profit boards and committees. He is a former Faculty Director of the Seton Hall law Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law.



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Full list of presentations available in Curriculum Vitae

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