John Wefing

Professor John B. Wefing

Distinguished Emeritus Professor of New Jersey Law &History

  • Degrees:

  • LL.M., New York University |LL.M., New York University | J.D., Catholic University | A.B., St. Peters College
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  • [email protected]
  • Tel: 973-642-8836
  • Courses:

  • Criminal Procedure: Investigation, Arrest & Counsel, NJ Constitutional Law, Professional Responsibility

John B. Wefing, the Distinguished Professor of New Jersey Law & History, has recently authored a biography of Richard J. Hughes, the only person to serve as both Governor and Chief Justice of New Jersey.  The book was chosen as a 2010 Honor Book by the New Jersey Council for the Humanities.  In April of 2011, the Governor of New Jersey appointed Professor Wefing to the Governor's Council on Higher Education.

Professor Wefing specializes in federal and state constitutional law with particular emphasis on criminal issues. John B. Wefing has been a Professor of Law at Seton Hall University School of law for the past 47 years. He has taught numerous courses including courses dealing with the New Jersey Constitution and the New Jersey Court System. He has written many law review articles. During his tenure at Seton Hall he has served as associate dean and acting dean. He has received many awards including the Young Lawyer of the Year from the New Jersey State Bar Association, the McQuade Medal presented for outstanding contributions to Seton Hall University and the Thomas More Medal for his devotion to the law and the Catholic Church. He was twice selected as Professor of the year by the student body.  In 2012, he was selected "Teacher of the Year" by the New Jersey Academic Studies Alliance. Professor Wefing has been appointed by governors of New Jersey to state commissions. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Mount Saint Dominic Academy for his work on its board. He is “of counsel” to the firm of Waters McPherson McNeill in Secaucus, N.J. He is a graduate of St. Peter’s Prep and College. His law degree is from Catholic University and he holds a masters degree in law from New York University. He is married to the Honorable Dorothea O’C Wefing, who recently retired from her position, Presiding Judge for Administration of the Appellate Division, temporarily assigned to the New Jersey Supreme Court. They have three children, John, Paul and Dorry.



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