Classroom Seating Charts

Classroom Seating Charts

All seating charts are available below in a PowerPoint slide format for faculty.


Instructions to place student photo on seating charts:

  1. Save seating chart on your computer
  2. Click on a seating chart from above (PowerPoint slide);
  3. Click on the PowerPoint icon powerpoint_icon and save the slide on your computer;
  4. or, click "File" on the menu toolbar and select "Save As" to save the file to your computer.

Students pictures are available in the Faculty Network (Data on 'shls-faculty-1' (E:)) in a folder named "common\student_pictures", follow the following instructions to place student pictures on seating charts (Must be in the building to access the Faculty network):

  1. Login to the Faculty Network;
  2. Open the seating charts you saved from above;
  3. Click on the box which represents a student, then select "Insert", "Picture", "From File", "f\common\student_pictures", select "Files of type:" as "All files" and then select a student picture from the list. Note: Student pictures are saved in order of students' last names;