No Smoking Policy

No Smoking Policy   

Seton Hall University is committed to providing its employees with a smoke-free work environment to protect the health, welfare, and comfort of employees from the adverse effects of tobacco smoke from cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. The intent of this policy is to avoid conflict between smoking and non-smoking faculty members, administrators and staff employees, and ensure accommodations for nonsmokers' preferences.

Effective July 1, 1994 the following restrictions on smoking went into effect.

Smoking is prohibited within all University buildings including the rotunda and all arcade areas of Walsh Library. This includes all meeting rooms, computer operations rooms, classrooms, all offices, hallways, elevators, public or reception areas, restrooms, gymnasiums and corridors, and other common-access areas. Common-access areas of all residence halls are smoking-prohibited areas.

Smoking is allowed in a residence hall room by mutual consent of its residents.

Smoking is prohibited in the eating facilities on campus. This includes the University Club, Galleon Room, Pub, Law School cafeteria and all Lounge areas.

Smoking is prohibited in all areas where a safety hazard exists, such as storage and hazardous materials handling areas.

Smoking is prohibited in all Seton Hall University vehicles used for transporting employees and/or students, supplies or any other use.

Smoking is prohibited in the Security Guard booths.


In view of the fact that each and every employee benefits from a smoke-free workplace environment, the enforcement of this policy is most equitably placed as a responsibility on all members of the University community. Visitors are expected to honor this policy. The success of this policy depends on the thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of non-smokers and smokers alike. Any questions regarding the above may be directed to the Director of Human Resources.