Doron Dorfman   

Doron Dorfman, Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Law

  • Degrees:

  • J.S.D., J.S.M., Stanford Law School
  • LL.M., LL.B., B.A., University of Haifa
  • Contact:

  • [email protected]
  • Tel:  973-642-8804
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  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Courses:

  • Torts, Health Care Access and Finance, Disability Law, Employment Discrimination Law

Professor Dorfman’s research and teaching focus on disability law, health law, torts, employment law, family law, insurance law, and law and psychology. His work has won multiple writing awards, was cited by federal courts and the Israeli Supreme Court, and was featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and USA Today. In 2021, he was invited to testify before Congress on the relationship between vaccine requirements and anti-discrimination law.

Professor Dorfman’s research was published or is forthcoming in leading law reviews such as the Cornell Law Review, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Boston College Law Review, and the Stanford Law Review Online. He also published in top peer review journals including the New England Journal of Medicine, Law & Society Review, Law & Social Inquiry, Journal of Health Politics, Policy & Law, JAMA Health Forum, and the Journal Law & the Biosciences. Professor Dorfman is a frequent contributor to the Bill of Health Blog at Harvard Law’s Petrie-Flom Center, an editor for the Equality Section of Jotwell, the chair of the AALS Section on Disability Law, the co-organizer of the Disability Legal Studies CRN in the Law & Society Association, and an affiliated researcher with the aChord Center: Social Psychology for Social Change at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Prior to Seton Hall Law School, Professor Dorfman taught at Syracuse University College of Law. He earned a B.A. in communication (2009), an LL.B. (J.D. equivalent, 2009) and an LL.M. (2010), all from the University of Haifa. He later earned a J.S.M. (2014) and J.S.D. (2019) from Stanford Law School. Before arriving at Stanford, he was a litigator in private practice in Israel and was actively involved in NGOs such as Kav La’Oved-Worker’s Hotline, where he gave legal advice to disadvantaged workers and asylum seekers.

Twitter: @DorfmanDoron



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