Judiciary Committee Records

Judiciary Committee records, including those relating to the Impeachment Inquiry, were acquired by Mr. Rodino in his capacity as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives.  House Rule XI distinguishes official records of the House of Representatives, which consist of the committees and officers of the House, from the private papers of Members of the House.  While the House of Representatives holds the original copies of this material, it has permitted the retention of copies of these records among the Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Archives under the stipulation that the Law School abide by the restrictions of the House in terms of access.  Records of the Judiciary Committee and its Subcommittees are to remain closed for 30 years from the date of their creation.  Furthermore, official committee records for the Impeachment Inquiry are closed to the public for 50 years from their creation. 

The Case Files contain the records of Mr. Rodino's efforts to assist constituents asking for help with housing, social security, welfare, etc., among other numerous personal requests. To protect the privacy and confidentiality of constituents,Case Files are to remain closed for 75 years.  Case Files in the Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Archives are to be opened based on the following schedule:

Box Numbers, Accession Number [Date Materials Open]

CS-001 through CS-078, Accession #70-A-1123 [2043]

CS-078 through CS-121, Accession #71-A-5201 [2045]

CS-122 through CS-160, Accession #329-73-48 [2048]

CS-161 through CS-192, Accession #329-75-030 [2050]

CS-193 through CS-221, Accession #329-77-143 [2052]

CS-222 through CS-255, Accession #329-78-135 [2053]

CS-301, Accession # 329-79-0167 [2053]

CS-256 through CS-260, Accession #329-80-0174 [2054]

CS-260 through CS-264, Accession #329-81-0153 [2055]

CS-264 through CS-271, Accession #329-83-0022 [2055]

CS-272 through CS-284, Accession #329-85-222 [2060]

CS-284 through CS-300, No Accession # [2064]