Center for Social Justice

Commitment to Social Change: Center for Social Justice Scholars Program (2022-23)

Each year, the Center for Social Justice selects second-year students to serve as CSJ Scholars. Candidates must demonstrate a commitment to social change and an interest in pursuing a career in public service, including legal services, criminal defense, law reform, and other positions that expand access to justice. The Scholars, who serve until graduation from Seton Hall Law School, are supported and encouraged in pursuing a range of public interest opportunities and serve as student ambassadors for the CSJ. For the 2022-2023 academic year, the CSJ is proud to announce the selection of five new CSJ Scholars.

Fatima M. Abughannam '24 is dedicated to advocating for criminal justice reform, particularly as it relates to indigent defense and wrongful convictions. As a first-generation American and daughter to Palestinian immigrants, Abughannam recognizes the importance of enhancing access to justice and promoting fundamental rights for everyone, including members of underrepresented groups. Learn more about Fatima M. Abughannam '24 >>

Shaindy Black '25 is a first-generation weekend law student jointly pursuing her Master of Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania. She plans to practice Family Law using a trauma-responsive approach. Learn more about Shaindy Black '25 >>

Eric Gallant '24 was led to Seton Hall Law by his commitment to helping others. In 2017, Eric entered Norwich University and earned a commission into the U.S. Army. In his junior year, he pivoted in his career and decided to take the LSAT. He began his legal path in 2021 at Seton Hall and will begin active-duty service as a JAG in the Army upon graduation in 2024. Learn more about Eric Gallant '24 >>

Myron Minn-Thu-Aye ’25 grew up in Hong Kong. He majored in mathematics and computer science at Williams College and completed his doctorate in mathematics at Louisiana State University. He is a weekend student at Seton Hall Law and an Associate Professor in Residence at the University of Connecticut, where he focuses on promoting accessibility and active learning in mathematics. Learn more about Myron Minn-Thu-Aye ’25 >>

Jamie Mitrovic ’24 is committed to public interest by way of focusing on compliance in environmental and energy law matters, while also serving BIPOC and other minority communities around the tri-state area and beyond. More specifically, her primary plan in the public service field revolves around the intersectionality of environmental harms, disproportionate access to public services or environmental goods, and its subsequent public health effects; all of which disproportionately affect BIPOC and minority groups. Learn more about Jamie Mitrovic ’24 >>

Sam Jerabek '23
Florencia Marino '24
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