Buenos Aires - Healthcare Compliance Certification Program - Latin America

Latin America Compliance Program Launching 2017

More than 2,700 compliance professionals have come certified in their field through Seton Hall Law's extensive programs held worldwide

Seton Hall will launch a new compliance program designed to meet the needs of life sciences companies doing business in Latin America. The Latin American Healthcare Compliance Program (LATAM HCCP) is a natural expansion of Seton Hall’s compliance education and training offerings which include online graduate certificates, M.S.J. degree programs, and a J.D. compliance track, and complements its existing healthcare compliance certification programs held in the U.S., Europe and Asia -- the largest array of compliance programs offered by any law school in the country. The LATAM HCCP will launch in Buenos Aires, Argentina in September 2017.

“The need for compliance education in Latin America is clear,” notes Assistant Dean Simone Handler-Hutchinson. “Companies doing business in Latin America are continually at risk for committing compliance violations due to the region’s inconsistent enforcement landscape, disparate regulatory schemes, varied cultural norms, and scarcity of educational resources devoted to compliance.”

Since 2004, Seton Hall Law has offered its U.S. Healthcare Compliance Certification Program in Newark twice each year and to date the program boasts more than 2,100 participants. “While the program’s faculty and core curriculum remain consistent, the program’s content is fine-tuned twice each year to reflect the most recent compliance developments in the life sciences industry,” said Timothy P. Glynn, Associate Dean and Professor of Law. Seton Hall introduced an annual U.S. Compliance Program in 2014 specifically designed for smaller life sciences companies, held in San Francisco.

Seton Hall Law’s European HCCP, launched in 2010, is offered twice each year. The program has been held in Paris and Prague, and will be held in Barcelona in November 2016. The Asia-Pacific HCCP, launched in 2013, is hosted annually in Singapore. Each program maintains a unique faculty and each curriculum focuses on laws and compliance issues specific to that region. 

The overarching goal of each program is to assist compliance professionals in identifying, assessing and managing compliance risks in the particular region where they are working. “The Latin American program will fill a critical need for professional education in that region,” adds Dean Handler-Hutchinson.