Professor Charles Sullivan - Law Review Symposium 2019

Law Review Symposium 2019 Honors the Work of Professor Charles A. Sullivan

On Friday, November 1, the Seton Hall Law Review hosted a symposium honoring the extraordinary work of Professor Charles A. Sullivan. The one-day event welcomed an auditorium full of legal scholars from across the country reflecting upon Professor Sullivan’s scholarly work and its profound impact. Four panels focused on a wide range of legal topics reflecting Professor Sullivan’s scholarly interests:

- Panel One: Faithless Servants, Employment Contracts, and the Sullivan Perspective

- Panel Two: Antidiscrimination Insights: Causation, the Cat’s Paw, and Age Discrimination

- Panel Three: Social Change and Workplace Law

Panel Four: Disparate Impact and the Future of Workplace Justice

In her closing remarks, Seton Hall Law 3L and Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review, Tatiana Laing, said, “As someone who had the privilege to have you as a legal writing professor, I am a living testament of your impact at this school in particular. Being in your class and having the opportunity to be mentored by you has contributed greatly to how I look at legal writing today. We should all learn from Dean’s Sullivan’s example and take the time to ‘noodle over’ the things we care about in the law and that we have issue with; and once we have taken that time to think we should confidently, in our own voices, and at times with humor and lightness, make our disagreements known. If we’re lucky, one day in the future, we might find ourselves on the correct side of history.”

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