Job Stats for the Class of 2019

National Law Journal Ranks Seton Hall Law #1 in the Nation for 2019 State and Local Clerkships


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Published 2020-06-09

National Law Journal released employment data for 2019 law school graduates. Seton Hall Law remains one of the nation’s top law schools on this critical metric, ranking in the top 50 among "2019 graduates in either fulltime, long-term jobs that require bar passage, or for which a J.D. offers an advantage."

Seton Hall Law ranks #20 “in placing 2019 graduates into full-time, long-term jobs that require passing the bar and were not funded by the schools themselves -- widely viewed as the gold standard for new lawyer employment."

Among other rankings, Seton Hall Law ranks #1 of more than 200 law schools in placing their 2019 graduates into State and Local Clerkships. Read full article, Law Grads Hiring Report: Job Stats for the Class of 2019, (June 9, 2020).