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Seton Hall and Sacred Heart announce 3+3 law program

Seton Hall University School of Law and Sacred Heart University have decided to develop a partnership offering a 3+3 Bachelor’s and Juris Doctorate program.

Sacred Heart University Professor and Chairman of the Department of Government and Politics, Dr. Gary L. Rose, discussed in an email interview the benefits that both schools will have in the partnership.

“Benefits include cost savings, the distinct possibility of a handsome scholarship for students selected for the 3+3 program, an accelerated undergraduate degree, a rewarding legal career, and the opportunity for students to continue their education at an institution whose mission and Catholic identity are very similar to that of Sacred Heart University’s,” Rose said.

It is not the first time that Seton Hall Law has partnered with another Catholic university. This year, Seton Hall Law School collaborated with Iona University Law School to offer a 3+3 Bachelor’s and Juris Doctorate program.

Seton Hall’s Dean of Enrollment Management, Gisele Joachim, shared in an email interview why she thinks partnering with a Catholic university is particularly beneficial.

“Both agreements were established as part of the law school’s Catholic College Initiative to form closer partnerships [in a variety of formats] with strong Catholic colleges – especially in our region,” Joachim said via email.

Dr. Rose added that the two schools are connected through a historical connection as well as a similar Catholic partnership.

“This partnership forges a close bond between two institutions that are steeped in the Catholic intellectual tradition and which actually have a historical connection with one another. For example, Dr. John Petillo, Sacred Heart University’s current President, was at one time the Chancellor at Seton Hall. Moreover, the historical relationship extends to the early 1960s when Sacred Heart University was first founded,” Rose mentioned.

The two universities are aware that in selecting students as freshmen, members of the 3+3 program can have all of the benefits of a comprehensive education and while saving money.

“These types of partnerships are beneficial to Seton Hall Law School as they provide an easy and established route for students from well-matched undergraduate institutions to consider Seton Hall from an early point in their college years. Additionally, we are interested in finding ways to decrease the cost of higher education.  Both the Sacred Heart program and the Iona program allow for an accelerated path to completion of the Undergraduate and JD programs through 3+3 agreements, thereby decreasing the total number of years of education from 7 to 6,” Joachim shared.

According to Joachim, the program will begin in fall 2017.

“Our agreement with Sacred Heart begins with their fall 2017 entering class – thus, the first students the law school would enroll will be in 3 years – entering 2020,” Joachim said.

More information here from Sacred Heart.