2019 NY/NJ Bar Exam Pass Rates

Seton Hall Law July 2019 Bar Pass Rates Rank Among Elite New York Law Schools



Seton Hall University School of Law proudly reports the third best pass rate among New York law schools and the best pass rate among New Jersey law schools for the July 2019 Uniform Bar Exam, with a combined 94.26% or 115/122 first-time test takers passing. Both New York and New Jersey bars administer the Uniform Bar Exam simultaneously and require the same pass score (266). Specifically, of the first-time applicants from Seton Hall Law sitting for the bar in July, 22 of 23 graduates passed the exam in New York and 93 of 99 passed in New Jersey.


New York Bar Exam Pass Rates*

New York Bar Exam Pass Rates (2019)
Seton Hall Law ranks #3 among NY law schools (NY Statewide rate 86%). NY Bar Pass Rates include (in rank order), Columbia 96.9%, NYU 95.8%, Seton Hall Law 95.6%, Cornell 93.8%, Fordham 91%, St. John's 88.9%, Syracuse 87.7%, Cardozo 86.4%, Brooklyn 81.5%, NYLS 78.5%, Albany 75.5%, CUNY 74.8%, Pace 73.8%, Buffalo 72.5%, Hofstra 65.3%, & Touro 63.4%.

New Jersey Bar Exam Pass Rates*

New Jersey Bar Exam Pass Rates (2019)
Seton Hall Law ranks best amount NJ law schools at 93.9% with NJ Statewide rate at 79%

“This remarkable pass rate is a demonstration of Seton Hall Law’s One Student at a Time approach,” says Dean Kathleen Boozang. “Achieving such success is a testament to our graduates’ hard work, the rigorous curriculum, on-the-ground learning opportunities, and the thoughtful investment of our faculty and administrators.”

Such significant success is important for new graduates seeking legal employment; but it is also relevant to prospective law students.

“Applicants should take note of the bar pass and employment rates of the schools they choose to apply to,” says Associate Dean Cara Foerst, “because those measures indicate how well the school prepares graduates to enter the legal profession.”

So, what is Seton Hall Law School’s recipe for success? Dean Boozang attributes it to the individual focus each student receives. “The Law School exposes students to first-rate faculty and administrators. They not only work closely with students at all stages of their legal studies, they also provide the moral and emotional support and necessary counseling to see that our graduates experience an engaged learning environment inside and outside of the classroom in order to not just meet, but exceed, their career goals.”

*Pass rate for all first-time test takers from ABA-certified law schools, regardless of graduation year.