Anna Magallanes 3L

Seton Hall Law Student Makes Strides as Co-President of Region III of the Hispanic National Bar Association

Anna Magallanes, a Seton Hall Law 3L, is making her mark in the Hispanic National Bar Association.

Originally from California, she arrived at Seton Hall Law as a nontraditional student. What she initially thought would be only a two-year break between college and law school turned into a decade, during which she gained invaluable experience working for private and nonprofit immigration firms. But Magallanes never lost sight of the goal of a legal education, which will enable her to practice immigration law or maybe combine that with other areas that have recently piqued her interest, such as employment law.

Magallanes is currently Co-President of Region III of the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA.) Part of her leadership includes representing New Jersey’s HBNA at the Corporate Counsel Conference and the Annual Convention.

“I want to show the nation that New Jersey is eager to be involved locally and nationally,” said Magallanes. “We especially want students to know about the conferences as they provide the opportunity to engage with professionals from around the country.”

Magallanes is also working on implementing a Speed Mentoring Program in New Jersey, pairing mentees with mentors for five minutes on a rotating basis in order to allow students and young lawyers to expand their contacts.

Growing up in the inner city of south Los Angeles, Magallanes did not have many resources around her. “I grew up without lawyers or even those with college degrees around me,” she said. “It was very intimidating, but I have gotten past that!”