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Published 2020-06-05

Domenick Scrivanich, Class of ’21, overcame great personal hurdles to arrive at law school two years ago. Now, sober for 7 years this November, Dom’s future holds hope and promise. “I came to law school so that I could help addicts and alcoholics,” says Dom. “I want to use my degree to do some good and hopefully positively affect the lives of those still sick and suffering in a major way, whether it be through lobbying or acting as general counsel for a large drug rehabilitation center.”

Domenick is working for New Jersey ReEntry Corporation while in law school to give back and gain public-interest experience. The organization provides housing, medical, legal and job training services to citizens returning to New Jersey communities from jail or prison. For Dom it also gives “a glimpse of helping those less fortunate” and an opportunity to provide “legal assistance to NJRC clients looking to clear up various aspects of their legal history, mainly municipal warrants, by helping the client communicate with the courts.”

Bestselling author, Brian Cuban, learned about Domenick’s success and published a story about him on the well-known website Above the Law this week.

By sharing his own personal story with addiction, his path through recovery, and his plans for the future, Dom hopes to impact the lives of others. “The reason I share is to help someone make a decision to get help or, at the very least, give hope to the hopeless.”

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