Edward Marable '94

Supporting Our Community: Edward Marable '94

Nothing’s more important than supporting our students as they as are developing into the legal professionals they will become over their three or four years here. While responsiveness to student intellectual and personal needs is the responsibility of each member of the faculty and administration, no one is more intimately involved with student life than Dean Edward Marable, Assistant Dean for Student Services. Whether it be working with the Student Bar Association and its numerous organizations or meeting individually with students dealing with academic and personal challenges, Dean Marable brings an enormous wealth of experience in both life and the law to all of his interactions with the diverse members of our community.

Law school administration is a second career for Dean Marable. Retiring after a twenty-five year career as a practicing attorney, the 1994 Seton Hall Law graduate found that the occasional case on behalf of abused or neglected children and training social workers just wasn’t enough. “The moment I saw the job posting for the position of ‘Assistant Dean for Student Services,’ I knew it was the position for me.” Seton Hall enthusiastically agreed. Only four months into his new position, Dean Marable’s optimistic outlook and empathy for students have already won him a loyal following.

“Law school can be a very stressful time in one’s life,” Dean Marable stated. “My goal is to support and guide our students through a satisfying experience that best prepares them to become leaders and change-makers,” he added. Whether coordinating major events or counselling students whose mid-term grade didn’t quite meet their expectations, he interacts with students continuously.

“Hands down, that’s the best part of this job,” he noted. “We have a diverse student body here, and it has been such a blessing to interact with students whose needs and interests force me to continuously meet them where they are, no matter their background.” He has no plans to retire again anytime soon!