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We strive to not only meet, but anticipate your needs. From affordable housing or off-campus relocation assistance, state-of-the-art classrooms, a fully-equipped bookstore, wireless networking, course information and student assistance, our campus services are how we welcome, support and provide the programs and amenities you need to succeed.  If you have any questions or need personal assistance, please contact the Office of Student Services.


Lawnet - Grades, Registration, Banner, Blackboard

Bar Admission and Examinations
for 2L students and up

Career Services
Starting your career in law school...

Curriculum Planning - Requirements, Concentrations, Advisors, etc.

Exam Center - Downloads, Policies, Self-Schedule, etc.

Financial Services - Payments, Refunds, Writing Competitions




Housing / Roommate Services- Newark, Harrison, Hobboken & more.

Journals - Law Review, Circuit Review, Leg. Journal

Online Students
Resources for M.S.J. & Grad. Certificate

Student Services
Office of the Dean of Students

Technology- Wireless, Network, Passwords, Downloads