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Seton Hall Law’s 2015 New Jersey Bar Pass Rate Rises to 90.4%, Significantly Exceeding State Average OF 73.47%

Seton Hall Law bar pass rate rose nearly 7 points from 2014; New Jersey’s state average declined more than 4 points from last year

Newark, NJ – Seton Hall Law reports a 90.4% passage rate for its graduates who took the New Jersey bar examination in July 2015— a rise of 7 points, from 83.69% in 2014.

This rate far exceeds the New Jersey state average for all first-time takers which dropped to 73.47% in 2015, part of a national trend of declining pass rates from 2014.

In October, Seton Hall Law reported an 86.7% passage rate for its graduates who took the New York bar examination in July 2015. This rate held steady from 2014, and far exceeded the New York state average for all first-time takers of ABA-accredited law schools, which dropped to 79% in 2015, declining four points from 83% in 2014. Each year, approximately 75% of Seton Hall Law graduates take the New York bar exam.

“Seton Hall Law’s bar pass rates for New Jersey and New York continue to swim against the national trend, which are on the decline,” said Kathleen M. Boozang, Seton Hall Law’s Dean and Professor of Law. “While some law schools may be admitting students not qualified to pass the bar, that’s clearly not what we’re doing at Seton Hall.”

Dean Boozang continued. “Seton Hall Law made a commitment five years ago to maintain our admissions standards, despite declining law school enrollment nationwide. Our bar pass rates, coupled with our top-ranked employment outcomes, demonstrate definitely that Seton Hall Law distinguishes itself by anticipating the ever-changing demands of the economy and the legal employment market.”

“Our graduates are as dedicated to excellence as ever, reflected in these impressive bar rates,” Dean Boozang concluded.

Seton Hall University School of Law, New Jersey's only private law school and a leading Catholic law school in the New York metropolitan area, is dedicated to preparing students for the practice of law through excellence in scholarship and teaching, with a strong focus on clinical education. Its compliance programs for law, graduate students as well as mid-career professionals in health, life sciences, and financial services are second to none. Founded in 1951, Seton Hall Law School is located in Newark and offers both day and evening degree programs.


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November 317, 2015