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Iman Saad '17

Iman Saad '17: Center for Social Justice Scholar

Iman Saad ’17 works with faculty at the Center for Social Justice on issues of immigration and human rights


Iman Saad ’17, Center for Social Justice (CSJ) Scholar, works with Professors Lori A. Nessel and Farrin Anello on international human rights and immigration issues, and hopes to conduct further research on issues of immigration and political activism in Europe.

The Center for Social Justice selects one or two outstanding students each year to serve as CSJ Scholars. The scholars are selected from applicants in the first-year class who have demonstrated a strong commitment to careers in public interest. The CSJ Scholars, who serve until they graduate, are offered various public interest opportunities and benefits, including the chance to complete an externship at the CSJ during their second year of law school, mentoring, and a full-year of clinical courses in their last year of law school. Saad joins Chris Cochran ’16 and Sergio Suarez ’16, who were selected in 2014-15, and Sofia Iqbal ’16 and Antoinette Solomon ’16, who were selected as Scholars in 2013-14.

Iman Saad ’17 was selected due to her clear commitment to public interest. She completed her undergraduate studies at The College of New Jersey, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Political Science in May 2014.

As an undergraduate, Saad undertook comparative research on immigrants and their struggles in seeking a better life in the United States and in Europe. Specifically, she studied European protest movements over the span of several years in the wake of the financial crisis, culminating in a research paper that dealt with immigration patterns and political activism among immigrants in Europe. She also worked with the Muslim Student Association on charitable events to assist immigrants and refugees in the United States.

“Based on my family’s background of living in Lebanon and moving to the United States, I have always been interested in immigration and international human rights law, “Saad explained. “I am committed to helping immigrants in the United States as well as refugees throughout the world.”

During the summer of 2015, Saad served as an intern at the U.S. Department of Justice, Executive Office for Immigration Review, in Elizabeth, New Jersey. “The summer internship solidified my interest in immigration law and working with people who have been detained,” she said. “I was able to learn so much about the court system and all the different ways other areas of law overlap with immigration.”

When she is not focusing on her immigration work, Saad finds time for her interests in fashion, writing, and film. She once interned with New York Family Magazine and wrote articles and posts online for a fashion and lifestyle magazine and website. Saad was involved with theater organizations at her undergraduate college, serving as lighting designer for several college productions. She also spends her free time ice skating during the colder months.

Regarding her future plans, Saad states, “I plan to use my experience at Seton Hall to provide legal services to detained immigrations and individuals seeking asylum in the United States. Also, I hope to eventually return to Lebanon and get involved in international human rights organizations that help refugees in the country.”