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Professor Ilya Beylin

Faculty Feature - Meet Professor Ilya Beylin

Professor Ilya Beylin joined the Law School in July 2019. He comes to Seton Hall Law as an expert in financial and business law. His scholarship combines legal analysis, data driven observation, attention to institutional dynamics, economic theory and pragmatism. He previously served as general counsel at AngelList, and its crowdfunding offshoot, Republic, clerked for the Honorable Stephen F. Williams on the D.C. Circuit, and practiced corporate law with leading New York law firms.

“Through my teaching and involvement at Seton Hall Law, I intend to make business law more accessible and meaningful to the student body,” says Professor Beylin, formerly a professor at NYU Law School. “While the subject is attenuated from every day life, particularly in our younger years, how businesses function powerfully shapes our experience as savers, employees, consumers, managers, and participants within a complex economy. My goal is to develop students’ understanding of how businesses are organized, governed and operated, and particularly, the roles of private and public law in managing business conduct.”