In the Spotlight

Professor Rick Little

Faculty Feature - Meet Professor Rick Little

Adjunct Professor of Legal Practice, Ricardo (Rick) Little spent the majority of his legal career at the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office. Professor Little also served as the Executive Director of the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority and the Director of the state’s Crime Victims Compensation Office. His law career began as an associate at Kraft & Hughes and at Riker Danzig Scherer Hyland & Perretti, concentrating in public finance.

“I am particularly concerned about having students appreciate that there are myriad ways to use the law to help others,” says Professor Little who urges intellectual curiosity among his students. “The areas of law in which I practiced most were areas that I knew almost nothing about when I was a law student. I therefore encourage students to be curious about the ways in which they may be able to use their legal training to ethically protect and improve individual and public interests.”