In the Spotlight

Professor Gaia Bernstein

Are you worried about losing your child to a Smartphone?

Are you reluctant to give your child a smartphone but feel like you have no choice? Are you worried that your child is spending too much time attached to his or her screens and is increasingly missing from your family life? Do you worry that your child’s actions online could jeopardize his future school or employment prospects?

Seton Hall Law’s Institute for Privacy Protection offers a student-parent outreach program for school children and parents. As part of the Institute’s Outreach program, Professor Gaia Bernstein, Director of the Institute for Privacy Protection and author of the forthcoming book: The Over-Users: Technology Addiction, Happiness and the Power of Awareness, is offering lectures to parents, through schools or other organizations, about kids’ over-use of their smartphones and screens and the potential impact of their online actions on their future reputations.

In her talks, Professor Bernstein discusses the detrimental impact of excessive smartphone and screen use on peer relationships and interactions with family members. She offers potential ways to limit device use, emphasizing the importance of replacing the parent as policeman model with a cooperative approach through the development of awareness in kids of how excessive technology use impacts their lives.

Unfortunately, these days, many parents feel alone engaging in difficult home battles. Professor Bernstein believes that awareness and information about the harm of excessive smartphone and screen use are key for social change. In her talks, she also discusses the ways in which parents can unite together to bring about legal change and influence the ways in which smartphones and social networks are designed to limit the risks of over-use among kids.

To schedule a parent talk with Professor Gaia Bernstein, please email her at [email protected].