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How to Apply

The Seton Hall University School of Law, and the Stillman School of Business, jointly sponsor a program through which a student may obtain both a degree in law and a graduate degree in business in a four-year program of full-time studies.

The M.B.A. degree consists of 42 credits, while the J.D. degree requires 88 credits.

A maximum of 12 credits earned at either the Business School or Law School may be counted toward the other degree.

Program Overview

The Stillman School and the School of Law jointly offer a four-year program leading to the degrees of Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and Juris Doctor (J.D.). The program is available only to full-time students, and may be completed in four years rather than the five years usually required for the completion of both degrees. Application to the joint program is open to holders of baccalaureate degrees from accredited colleges or universities who are full-time students in the first-year program at the School of Law. Candidates for admission to this program must complete separate applications for both the School of Law and the Stillman School, identifying on each application that they intend to participate in the joint program. These applications must be filed by May 1 of the year in which admission to the joint program is sought. Alternatively, students enrolled in the first-year, full-time program at the School of Law may, during that year, apply for admission to the joint program by making application for admission to the Stillman School, identifying themselves as candidates for the joint program and notifying the School of Law of their intent to seek admission to that program. Applicants must take either the LSAT or GRE for admission into the School of Law. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended must be sent to the Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS), Educational Testing Service, Box 2000, Newton, PA 18940. The LSDAS report containing the LSAT scores should be forwarded to the School of Law at the above address.

Curriculum Requirements

The J.D. degree consists of 88 credits and the M.B.A. degree between 30 and 42 credits. A maximum of 12 credits completed at the School of Law or Stillman School may be counted toward the credits required for completion of either the M.B.A. of J.D. degree. A maximum total of 12 credits may be used as cross-credits between the two programs. Only courses specified by the respective schools as eligible for cross-credits may be utilized for this purpose. Under exceptional circumstance, courses not included on the list of those eligible for cross-credits may be approved for this purpose by the academic dean of the law school and the dean of the business school. No required courses at the School of Law, nor core courses at the Stillman School, may be eligible for cross-credits under the joint degree program. Because of residency requirements and other considerations, the joint degree program can only be completed by students enrolled on a full-time basis. With the joint consent of the academic dean of the Law School and the dean of the Stillman School, and for good cause, a student may be allowed to remain in the program although enrolled on a part-time basis only after the second year of full-time participation in the program. Such approval for part-time status must be renewed every semester. No waiver of full-time status may be granted for the first two years of the program. A minimum of 30 credit hours must be taken in the M.B.A. program at Seton Hall. No waived credits may be counted toward the completion of the J.D. degree, and the Law School does not permit any waiver of credits for the J.D. degree.

Pattern of Study

Students in the joint degree program spend their first year of study completing the regular first-year curriculum of the School of Law. During the second and subsequent years, students complete the program by taking credits at both the Stillman School and the School of Law.

Additional Requirements

Students in the joint program must complete TAXN7112 Taxation I at the Law School and are, therefore, not eligible to take BACC7121 Federal Income Taxation of Individuals at the Stillman School.


Students in the joint degree program must have their course schedules approved by the joint program advisors in both the School of Law and the Stillman School. The dual degree advisor at the law school is Devon Corneal, Associate Dean for Academics. The procedure for such approval will be established by the respective schools, and students in the program should consult the joint program advisor at each school. Where courses with similar content are offered by the two schools, students may complete such courses at either school (except as noted above), but may not take the courses at both schools.

Approved Cross-Credit Courses*

BACC 7117 International Accounting
ECON 7441 International Trade
ECON 7950 Public Finance & Economic Development
BFIN 7216 International Finance
BFIN 7225 Mergers & Acquisitions
Law Courses Applicable to the M.B.A. Degree
PROP 7704 Land Finance
TAXN 7113 Corporate Taxation
PUBG 8801 Antitrust
CORP 8131 Securities Regulation
LABR 7102 Labor Law
INDL 8303 Patent Law & Practice
INDL 7301 Intellectual Property
INDL 8301 Copyright
INDL 8302 Trademark & Unfair Competition

*Based on the concentration, these courses can count toward the M.B.A. Concentration or the M.B.A. Breadth electives. Courses subject to change.

The additional Law courses for the J.D. portion of the degree are offered through the Seton Hall University School of Law in Newark. Applicants must apply to both programs separately. Applicants must be accepted into the Law School and attend the Law School full time for one year before applying for, or being admitted into, the MBA program. It is possible for students to be admitted to one school and not the other.

For additional information on the M.B.A. admissions process, please contact:

Office of M.B.A./J.D. Admissions
W. Paul Stillman School of Business
Seton Hall University
400 South Orange Avenue
South Orange, NJ 07079

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Important Dates

  1. Application for Fall 2024 opens and is accessible via LSAC

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