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Center for Religiously Affiliated Non-Profit Corporations



Seton Hall Law Center for Religiously Affiliated Corporations exists to enhance the viability and prominence of faith-based charitable corporations, especially those affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church in the United States and internationally.  The Center sponsors independent, scholarly and applied legal research on strategically important issues of law, public policy, and inter-corporate relationships.

Seton Center fulfills this mission through

  1. Working with an organization's staff and Boards of the related corporation to develop appropriate cooperative relationships through
    1. Phone Consultations;
    2. Consultation with the organization's legal, accounting and strategic planning staff; Development of customized policies integrating church law, civil law, accreditation standards of the Independent Sector and the Internal Revenue Service;
    3. Education for both related corporation's Boards and staff on the need to observe corporate formalities in governance and management.
  2. Providing conferences, board education programs, webinars, and invitational private colloquia. 
  3. Developing good governance practices for free-standing and related corporations.
  4. Providing management, directors and trustees of charitable organizations with timely, accessible legal information relevant to current and developing legal and public policy issues impacting upon the religious identity, licensure, accreditation and participation in government purchase of service contracts.
  5. Contributing to the quality of the corporation’s  participation in public policy debate by convening the best legal scholars, canonists, theologians, ethicists, executives and professional educators in health, education and social service disciplines, including accreditation and public policy experts to analyze strategic issues.
  6. Supporting scholarly research.
  7. Publishing Center White Papers on legal issues specifically relevant to religious affiliated corporations’ work in the public market place.
  8. Supporting and promoting research on the intersection of canon law and American law to aid in the development of :
    1. governance models for transitioning from religious control to lay control of corporations;
    2. canonical structures for new public juridic persons succeeding to canonical responsibility for a Catholic corporation; and
    3. joint ventures between Catholic corporations and other entities.