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Conferences & Consultations

Center activities since its founding in November, 2006:

  1. Inaugural Conference, Catholic Charities and the Catholic Diocese: Autonomy and Relatedness
  2. Invitational presentations to boards and management concerning:
    1. The legal ramifications of compliance with the moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
    2. Legal, ethical and canonical issues in fundamental reorganizations, including acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures (including those with non-religiously affiliated organizations).
  3. Board training for educational institutions which address the interrelationship among canon law, state law and accreditation standards.
  4. Board and Episcopal education on the interrelationship between diocesan authority and board governance under canon law and civil law for related corporations.
  5. Board education for educational institutions on the interrelationship among Middle States standards of governance, canon law, and Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation law.
  6. Individual phone consultations with diocesan staff on governance structures of related corporations and the development by the Members of Mission Guidelines for the Board addressing the implementation of the Catholic Identity in related corporations.
  7. Webinar for Catholic Charities USA on the governance section of CCUSA’s model Code of Ethics.