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Law Journals   

Seton Hall Law Review >>

Seton Hall Law Review is a nationally recognized scholarly legal journal that publishes critical and analytical articles on significant, topical legal issues. Students not only edit the lead articles but also write a Comment on recent judicial decisions and developments. The Law Review is published quarterly and is edited and managed by its student editorial board and staff. Most members are selected on the basis of their demonstrated writing ability through  a competition each summer that is based on a combination of competition scores and grades.

Legislative Journal >>

The Seton Hall Legislative Journal is dedicated to the study of legislation and the legislative process. It features articles by scholars as well as active participants in the legislative process in New Jersey and the nation. Students not only edit the lead articles but also write a Comment on recent developments in the legislative arena. The Legislative Journal is published twice a year, including an annual symposium exploring a topic of state or federal public policy. Members are chosen in the spring or summer of their first year by a process that includes consideration of the results of a writing competition, grades, personal interview, and prior legislative experience.

Seton Hall Circuit Review >>

The Seton Hall Circuit Review is dedicated to the study of the work of the United States Courts of Appeals.  Since only a handful of cases are reviewed by the Supreme Court, the circuit courts stand as the primary judicial law givers for the federal system.  The Circuit Review publishes twice a year and features lead articles on recent important developments at the federal appellate level.  In addition to editing lead articles, each member writes a Comment addressing a novel topic embodied in a "circuit split," i.e., an instance where different circuits have announced varying interpretations of the law. New members are chosen based on a combination of their performance in the write-on competition and their GPAs.  The Editorial Board is chosen annually by election of the entire Circuit Review membership.