Request to be Fully Remote for Fall 2021

Commitment to our current students begins with the first interaction.


This form is no longer available. Effective Saturday, August 28th, all requests to be remote shall be directed to Cara Foerst, Associate Dean for Academics.

State regulations and health and safety concerns permitting, Seton Hall is looking forward to welcoming students back to campus this fall. While the University anticipates that classes and activities will be primarily in person, you may request permission to take courses online instead due to circumstances related to the COVID 19 pandemic. Students who have been advised by a medical professional that it is unsafe for them, or for a member of their household, to return to in-person classes must complete the form below.

All other requests to be remote must be submitted via email to Dean Foerst at [email protected]. These requests will be considered on an individual basis by a committee. Students may be contacted for a meeting to discuss their request.

For requests to be remote for the entire Fall 21 semester the deadline to submit this form or a written request for consideration is June 15th, 2021.

It is necessary that students make the application to be remote for the entire semester now so appropriate room assignments can be made for each course with dedensification needs in mind. We plan based on the expectation that students will attend in person unless they have completed this form or made a request in writing; if Covid-related or other circumstances necessitate during the semester, a student will be permitted to be remote for two or more weeks.