Take Home Exams

  1. LOG IN to ExamSoft – Enter your eight digit SHUID number as your user ID and shls(last 4 digits of your SHUID) as password in the "Exam Takers" field.  It is highly recommended that you change your password after your initial login.  If at any time you forget your password and can’t log in, click on question mark symbol (?) located to the right of the password field.  The system will automatically generate and e-mail you a new password to your SHU e-mail address.
  2. Please refer to the Take Home Exam User Guide for detailed instructions on the take home exam process.

Please remember that you simply use Microsoft Word to type your answer, NOT THE IN CLASS EXAM SOFTWARE!

Be sure you UPLOAD the correct file and include a cover page with the following information:

  1. Exam #

  2. Professor Name

  3. Course Name

  4. Executed Certification

Once you have uploaded your completed answers, you will not receive an email confirmation at your SHU email address as you do with exams done in Examplify.  After uploading, you can confirm by clicking on "Courses" along the top menu bar, click on your course and you will see your upload date and upload file name.  If no upload date appears, try uploading again.  If you experience any further difficulties, email your completed answers to [email protected]

If professor stipulates a page limit, unless instructed otherwise, you are to type double space using 12 point Times New Roman with 1" margins all around.

CERTIFICATION – You must include the certification on the examination questions with your completed answers.  If you upload your completed answers without the certification, you may e-mail the certification to [email protected].  Please list the course name in the “Subject” field of your e-mail.  Failure to include the certification will delay your grade from being posted.

 Further Assistance 

  1. Technical support: 1-866-429-8889

  2. Procedural inquiries: 973-642-8502