Limit on Skills and Self Directed Work Credits

No more than 15 credits of legal practice and self-directed work credits shall count towards graduation. The following are Seton Hall's skills and self-directed work credits:

CLINICS (non-classroom component only) 2 to 4 credits
EXTERNSHIPS   2 to 8 credits
  European Court of Justice or Court of First Instance Externship 6 credits
  Health Law Externship - Washington, DC  8 credits 
  Appel Adv Moot Court Board Director 3 credits
  Appel Adv Moot Court Board Member 2 credits
  Eugene Gressman Moot Court Competition 1 credit
  Max of 4 credits for Interscholastic Moot Court Competitions  
  Interscholastic Mock Trial Competitions 2 to 4 credits
  Interscholastic Moot Court Competitions 2 to 4 credits
  Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition 1 to 2 credits
  Advanced Civil Practice (PRMD9218) 2 credits
  Advanced Civil Practice: The Simulated Law Firm (PRMD9220) 2 credits
  Advanced Criminal Practice (PRMD9219) 2 credits
  Advanced Legal Research (PRMD9270) 1 to 2 credits
  Advanced Negotiation Skills (PRMD9226) 2 credits
  Advocacy 101: The Lawyer as Problem Solver (PRMD9221) 2 credits
  Compliance Skills (HLTH9655) 2 credits
  Crisis Negotiation (PRMD9237) 2 credits
  Dispute Resolution Processes (PRMD8209) 2 credits
  Digital Evidence in Litigation (PRMD8218) 2 credits
  D.NJ Representation in Settlement Conference Practicum (PRMD9238) 2 credits
  Evidence, Cyber-Compliance and Cyber-Investigations (INDL8342) 1 credit
  Fact Investigation and the Marshalling of Evidence (PRMD8212) 2 credits 
  Family Mediation (PRMD9216) 1 credit
  In-house Counsel Skills (PRMD8225) 2 credits
  International Legal Research (INTL7638) 1 credit
  Interviewing and Counseling (PRMD8215) 1 credit
  Investor Advocacy Project (PRMD8220) 4 credits
  Lawyer as Detective: Investigations & Discovery (PRMD8222) 5 credits
  Law in Action (WRTG9140) 1 credits
  McLaughlin Advanced Trial Advocacy Workshop (PRMD9218) 2 to 3 credits
  Negotiation Skills in Criminal Litigation (PRMD9236) 2 credits
  NITA Deposition Skills Program (PRMD9240) 1 credit
  SDNY Representative in Mediation Practicum (PRMD9235) 2 credits
  Skills for Health Law Practice (HLTH9650) 2 credits
  Transactional Skills (PRMD9222) 2 credits
  Transactions & Neg Sports Law(INDL7318) 2 credits
  Transnational Lawyering Skills: The Rule of Law in Latin America (INTL9630) 2 credits
  Tech for Evolving Leg Practice (PRMD8265) 2 credits
  Trial of a Civil Matter, The (PRMD9250) 2 credits
  Trial of a Criminal Case, The (PRMD9255) 2 credits
  Law Student Wellness & Mindfulness (HLTH8510) 2 credits

Note: A course for which a student elects to take Pass/D or Fail under the Pass/D or Fail Option Policy, is not included in the 15 credit limit above.