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A Diverse Community   

About our Diverse Community

At Seton Hall Law School, diversity in all its forms is an essential part of who we are. We strive for diversity in thought, belief, and perspective as well as cultural, religious, ethnic, and gender diversity. Our community is enriched when students from different economic and educational backgrounds and geographic regions come together to learn, analyze, and reform the law.

Meet our students

Seton Hall Law School is proud to offer several pipeline programs to increase diversity in the legal profession.

  1. The Legal Education Opportunities (LEO) program, provides unique opportunities for law school students to secure a legal education and see academic success with the support of preparatory programs (including a 2-week summer program), financial assistance and professional development resources. This program is for entering law students who identify themselves as educationally disadvantaged.
  2. Summer Institute for Pre-Legal Studies, a five-week, residential, skill-building summer program designed for college students who are receiving EOF grants or are EOF eligible.
  3. NJ LEEP (NJ Law & Education Empowerment Project), a multifaceted program that exposes inner-city youth to careers in the law and facilitates four-year college and university admission.


Diversity in numbers at Seton Hall Law

If you have questions about Admissions to Seton Hall Law School, contact the Admissions office at 973-642-8747 or feel free to contact our Dean of Admissions, Gisele Joachim, directly at

If you need assistance or have questions about our community, please contact Deborah Edwards at 973-642-8481 or

Deborah R EdwardsDeborah R. Edwards
Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
Room 400, 4th floor
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