Seton Hall Law named a 2021 Top 50 Go-To Law School

Seton Hall Law named a 2021 Top 50 Go-To Law School

LAW.COM ranks the schools who sent the largest percentages of their 2020 graduating class to the largest 100 law firms nationwide.

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Seton Hall Law ranked 47th in the country in the National Law Journal/LAW.COM list of Go-To Law Schools. The survey ranks schools according to the percentage of graduates who get jobs at the largest 100 law firms in the country.

Dean Kathleen Boozang attributes the success to the growing reputation of Seton Hall Law graduates, who are known for being equal to those of any law school in talent and for being so well-prepared that they produce deliverables for clients from day one. “I know that our summer associates feel incredibly ready for their first legal experience, which is a tremendous credit to our faculty with respect to the curriculum they create and the quality of our teaching.”

While Seton Hall Law is providing a pathway to so-called “Big Law” jobs, it is steadfast in providing employment opportunities for a variety of other legal jobs as well. Last year, the school ranked 20th in the country in placing 2019 graduates into “gold standard” law jobs, which are full-time, long-term jobs that require passing the bar. It further ranked 1st in placing their 2019 graduates into State and Local Clerkships.

“Our philosophy is One Student at a Time. Seton Hall Law recruits students with a spectrum of interests and talents, exposes them to opportunity, and then helps them launch the careers they determine will be most fulfilling for them,” said Dean Boozang.

"An increasing number of our students elect Big Law as their initial launch. Of course, our success in delivering that prize depends upon our students’ work ethos, the quality of their preparation, and, for better or worse, rankings. It is core to our institutional mission, however, to maximize the likelihood that each and every student gets the job of their choice."

Kathleen Boozang, Dean