Staff at Seton Hall Law

Administrative Faculty

  • Gaia Bernstein, Institute for Privacy Protection Director

    Gaia Bernstein

    Co-Director of the Institute for Privacy Protection, and Co-Director of the Gibbons Institute for Law Science and Technology, and Professor of Law
    J.S.D. New York University School of Law, LL.M. Harvard Law School, LL.M., Tel-Aviv University, J.D. Boston University, B.A. Tel-Aviv University
    Room: 405 | 973-642-8494 |

  • Lori Borgen

    Lori Outzs Borgen

    Director, Center for Social Justice and Pro Bono Service Program, Associate Clinical Professor
    J.D., Columbia University | A.B., Harvard University
    Room: 120 | 973.642.8700 |

  • Carolyn J. Brown

    Carolyn J. Brown

    Deputy Director of the Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Law Library Center for Information and Technology and Assistant Professor
    J.D., Penn State University Dickinson School of Law | M.L.I.S., Pratt Institute | B.A., Seton Hall University
    Room: 446 | 973-642-8767 |

  • Amber Cain (130x81)

    Amber Cain

    Technology and Research Services Librarian, and Assistant Professor
    J.D., Elon University School of Law
    M.L.I.S., University of South Florida | B.A., Florida State University

  • Carl H. Coleman

    Carl Coleman

    Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Professor of Law
    J.D., Harvard University | A.M., Harvard University | B.S.F.S., Georgetown University
    201-688-7575 |

  • Image of Devon Corneal

    Devon A. Corneal

    Associate Dean for Academics
    J.D., Seton Hall University | M.S. The Pennsylvania State University | B.A. The College of William & Mary
    Room: 307 | 973-642-8726 |

  • Image of Interim Dean John Kip Cornwell

    John Kip Cornwell

    Interim Dean and Professor of Law
    J.D., Yale Law School | | M.Phil., University of Cambridge |
    A.B., Harvard University | Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Medical Malpractice
    Room: 411 | 973-642-8498 |

  • Jacob Elberg

    Jacob T. Elberg

    Director of The Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law and Associate Professor of Law
    J.D., Harvard Law School | B.A., Dartmouth College
    Room: 514 | 973-642-8098 |

  • Sara Gras 130x81

    Sara Gras

    Executive Director of the Rodino Center and Associate Professor of Law
    J.D., Saint Louis University | M.L.I.S., Queens College (CUNY) | B.A., University of Utah
    Room: 449 | 973-642-8773 |

  • Margaret K. Lewis

    Margaret Lewis

    Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Institutional Operations
    J.D., New York University School of Law | | B.A., Columbia University
    973-642-8821 |

  • David Opderbeck

    David W. Opderbeck

    Co-Director of the Institute for Privacy Protection, and Co-Director of the Gibbons Institute for Law Science and Technology, and Professor of Law
    LL.M., New York University | J.D., Seton Hall University | B.A., Gordon College
    Room: 504 | 973-642-8496 |

  • Melanie Perez Vellios

    Melanie Perez-Vellios

    Assistant Professor of Legal Practice and Director of Lawyering
    J.D., B.A., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
    973-642-8478 |

  • Dean Jamie Pukl-Werbel '98

    Jamie Pukl-Werbel

    Assistant Dean of Experiential Education & Special Advisor to the Provost for Academic Affairs
    J.D. Seton Hall University | B.A. Loyola University Maryland
    Room: 408 | 973-642-8201 |

  • Tara Ragone

    Tara Adams Ragone

    Assistant Professor of Law
    J.D., New York University | B.A., College of William and Mary
    Room: 516 | 973-642-8197 |

  • Angela_Slater_130x81

    Angela D. Slater

    Associate Academic Director and Assistant Professor of Law, Division of Online Learning
    J.D., New York University | B.A., Montclair State University
    Room: 204B | 973-642-8085 |

  • Professor Claudette St Romain

    Claudette L. St. Romain

    Associate Dean for JD Admissions and Career Placement and Associate Professor of Law
    J.D., Harvard Law School | B.A., University of California
    973-642-8290 |


  • Rosa Alves

    Rosa M. Alves

    Assistant Dean for Global Compliance and Programming
    J.D., New York Law School | B.A., Seton Hall University
    Room: 304 | 973-642-8187 |

  • Monique Blackwood

    Monique Blackwood

    Executive Director of Career Services
    J.D., University at Buffalo, M.A., Stony Brook University, B.A., Cornell
    Room: 471 | 973-642-8735 |

  • Brendan Borthwick

    Brendan Borthwick

    Director of Law Practice and Educational Technology
    J.D., B.A., Seton Hall University
    Room: 451 | 973-642-8837 |

  • Jordan P Braun

    Jordan Braun

    Registrar and Bursar
    M.A., Rider University | B.S., The College of New Jersey
    Room: 310 | 973-642-8385 |

  • Tyonna Brent

    Tyonna Brent

    Director of JD Admissions
    J.D., University of Miami | B.A., University of Southern California
    Room: 325 | 973-642-8737 |

  • Kaitlyn Casa (130x81)

    Kaitlyn Casa

    Director, Student Services & Event Management
    M.S., Drexel University, B.S., Seton Hall University
    Room: 301 | 973-642-8587 |

  • Andrea Cascarano

    Andrea Cascarano

    Assistant Dean of Student Services
    J.D., Seton Hall University | | B.A., Duquesne University
    Room: 300 | 973-642-8523 |

  • Megan Clancy

    Megan Clancy

    Director of Career Services and Employer Outreach
    J.D., Temple University, B.A., University of Pennsylvania
    Room: 473 | 973-642-8593 |

  • Keith W Cook

    Keith W. Cook

    Assistant Dean for Alumni and Development
    J.D., Seton Hall University | M.A., B.A., Rutgers University
    Room: 211 | 973-642-8711 |

  • Sean Cully

    Sean W. Cully

    Marketing and Communications Assistant
    B.S., Seton Hall University
    Room: 208 | 973-642-8364 |

  • Sonia Cunha

    Sonia Cunha

    Director of Graduate Law Enrollment
    B.A., Seton Hall University
    Room: 309 | 973-642-8744 |

  • Peter M. Eraca

    Peter M. Eraca

    Assistant Dean for JD & Graduate Admissions
    J.D., Roger Williams University School of Law | M.A., B.A., Binghamton University (SUNY)
    Room: 326 | 973-642-8475 |

  • Kristen Gadomski

    Kristen Gadomski

    Associate Director of JD Admissions
    M.S. Ed., Monmouth University | B.S., Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
    Room: 322 | 973-642-8848 |

  • Gregory L. Gamble II

    Gregory L. Gamble II

    Associate Director of Career Services
    M.S., Niagara University, B.A., State University of New York at Buffalo
    Room: 470 | 973-642-8485 |

  • Father Nicholas S. Gengaro, Law School Chaplain

    Nicholas S. Gengaro

    Law School Chaplain
    S.T.L., S.T.B., Pontifical Gregorian University | B.A., Seton Hall University
    Room: 113A | 973-642-8859 |

  • Casey R. Herrmann

    Casey Herrmann

    Associate Director Graduate Admissions
    M.B.A., Shippensburg University | B.S., York College of Pennsylvania
    Room: 323 | 862-373-6956 |

  • Sarah-Jensen-130x81

    Sarah Jensen

    Executive Director of Marketing and Communications
    J.D., Seton Hall University | B.S., The College of New Jersey
    Room: 209 | 973-642-8503 |

  • Image of Anne Kassalow

    Anne McLane Kassalow

    Pro Bono and Outreach Coordinator, Housing Justice Project
    J.D., Seton Hall Law School | B.A., University of Maryland
    973-642-8700 |

  • Carmelo Lubrano

    Carmelo Lubrano

    Assistant Dean for Legal Computing, Information Technology and Communications
    J.D., Seton Hall University | B.A., Rutgers University
    Room: 450 | 973-642-8878 |

  • Jo Ann Maldonado

    Jo Ann Maldonado

    Assistant Dean for Academic Services
    B.A., Seton Hall University
    Room: 313 | 973-642-8578 |

  • Michael McBride

    Michael J. McBride

    Director of PC Support and Academic Integrity and Examinations
    J.D., Seton Hall University | B.A., Colgate University
    Room: 448 | 973-642-8872 |

  • Nathan M. Mead

    Nathan M. Mead

    Associate Director Graduate Admissions
    J.D., The Pennsylvania State University, B.S., Mercyhurst University

  • Professor Jacqueline Pirone

    Jacqueline C. Pirone, Esq.

    Assistant Dean for Career Services
    J.D., Seton Hall Law School | B.A., Colgate University
    Room: 469 | 973-642-8595 |

  • blank

    Michael W Poveromo

    Director Weekend Program and Director of Institutional Reporting
    M.L.I.S., University of Maryland, J.D., Brooklyn Law School, B.S., Western Connecticut State University
    Room: 311 | 973-642-8714 |

  • James Semerad (130x81)

    James Semerad

    Interim Director of Finance

  • Stephanie Silvestri

    Stephanie Silvestri

    Senior Director of Advancement Communications, Stewardship, and Philanthropic Engagement
    B.A. Wagner College
    973-642-8818 |

  • Diane K. Smith (130x81)

    Diane K. Smith

    Managing Attorney
    J.D., Rutgers University School of Law | B.A., Catholic University of America
    973-642-8700 |

  • Courtney Smith, Ph.D.

    Courtney B. Smith, Ph.D.

    Vice Dean, School of Law, and Dean, School of Diplomacy
    Ph.D., M.A., Ohio State University, B.A., Virginia Tech
    Room: 413 |

  • Karen Sokol

    Karen Sokol

    Assistant Dean for Enrollment Services
    B.S., The College of New Jersey
    973-642-8502 |

  • Glykeria Teji (130x81)

    Glykeria Teji

    Managing Attorney

    973-642-8700 |

  • thimmel-lori-130x81 copy

    Lori Thimmel

    Executive Director of Alumni Relations

    Room: 216 | 973-642-8712 |

  • Gary Thomas

    Gary Thomas

    Director of Financial Aid
    B.S., Seton Hall University
    Room: Room 312 | 973-642-8738 |

  • Lili M. Young

    Lili M. Young

    Executive Director for the Gibbons Institute of Law, Science & Technology and Institute for Privacy Protection
    B.A., Montclair State University


  • Image of Valeria L Barcia

    Valeria L. Barcia

    Bilingual Intake Specialist, The Housing Justice Project
    B.A., Rutgers University-Newark

  • Brett R Canaval

    Brett Canaval

    B.A., Kean University
    973-642-8382 |

  • Maria_Capra

    Maria Capra

    Recruiting Coordinator

    973-642-8869 |

  • jessica-carone-130x81

    Jessica Carone

    Senior Admissions Specialist
    B.A., Seton Hall University
    973-642-8687 |

  • Marjorie Faustin

    Marjorie Collins

    Service Desk Supervisor

    973-642-8772 |

  • Amanda Crawford

    Amanda Crawford

    Alumni and Development Coordinator

    973-642-8711 |

  • Lunie Fenelon

    Lunie Fenelon

    Collection Services Assistant

    973-642-8720 |

  • Matthew Friedman, Paralegal

    Matthew A. Friedman

    B.A., University of Delaware
    973-642-8749 |

  • Jasheree James

    Jasheree James

    Digital Initiatives Assistant
    B.S., William Paterson University
    973-642-8720 |

  • Melinda Lampley

    Melinda Lampley-Merritt

    B.A., Seton Hall University
    973-642-8700 |

  • Sharon Maikranz (130x81)

    Sharon Maikranz

    Legal Assistant to the Dean
    M.A., A.S., Berkeley College, B.A., Seton Hall University
    973-642-8750 |

  • Mary Malfitano

    Mary Malfitano

    Legal Support Specialist
    B.A., Montclair State University
    973-642-8805 |

  • Lolimar Mendoza

    Lolimar Mendoza

    Helpdesk Support Specialist
    M.A., Seton Hall University | B.S., Lisandro Alvarado University
    Room: 488 | 973-642-8017 |

  • Karlyne Merant

    Karlyne Merant

    Service Desk Supervisor & ILL Specialist

    973-642-8720 |

  • Stephanie Montalvo

    Stephanie A Montalvo

    Legal Support Specialist
    B.A., Seton Hall University
    973-642-8188 |

  • Kathy Neves

    Kathy Neves

    Enrollment Services Representative

    Room: 315 | 973-642-8850 |

  • latisha-porter-vaughn-130x8

    Latisha Porter-Vaughn

    Legal Support Specialist
    Ph.D, University of Arizona Global Campus | M.A., Seton Hall University | B.S., University of Maryland
    973-642-8590 |

  • Teresa Rizzo

    Teresa Rizzo

    Administrative Assistant to the Associate Deans

    973-642-8506 |

  • Image of Kayla Strube

    Kayla Strube

    Housing Justice Project Coordinator
    B.A., Seton Hall University

  • Kimberly Van Vliet

    Kim Van Vliet

    Admissions Specialist

    973-642-8736 |

  • Nicole Alexander sm

    Nicole Williams

    Senior Enrollment Services Specialist

    Room: 315 | 973-642-8502 |

Security Staff

  • Robert Haddock

    Robert Haddock

    Securitas Site Captain

    973-642-8725 |

  • Colm McAuley, Assistant Director of Public Safety

    Colm McAuley

    Assistant Director of Public Safety

    973-642-8252 |