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Class Attendance Policy   

Attendance Policy for Students

Seton Hall Law School has a mandatory Class Attendance Policy which requires each student to attend a minimum of 75% of class sessions in each of their registered courses or be administratively withdrawn from that course. No excused absences are permitted. An absence for any reason, including late registration, counts towards the maximum of 25% absences allowed.
For both Fall and Spring semesters, students will be administratively withdrawn from a course if they exceed the below number of absences:

4 class sessions per week - 13 classes
3 class sessions per week - 9 classes
2 class sessions per week - 6 classes
1 class session per week - 3 classes

Note: For summer session courses, students will be administratively withdrawn from a course if they exceed 3 class absences.

Individual faculty members are free to adopt an alternate procedure for monitoring attendance, provided that it is at least as restrictive of the school's policy. Each faculty member shall announce his/her policy regarding attendance at the first two or three class sessions of each semester. Professors may, in their sole discretion, refuse to allow a student to sign an attendance sheet, or request that a signature be voided if the student is not in attendance for a sufficient portion of the class.

Students are responsible for monitoring their attendance and remaining aware of the number of absences they have in each class. Seton Hall Law offers an online tool (Compass) to help students keep track of their class attendance, but note that this tool does NOT SHOW ATTENDANCES TO DATE, but rather only to the date of the last recorded attendance (about 1 to 2 weeks behind).

On occasion, students may request that attendance records be changed to reflect that they were present in class on a given day, as they may have missed or forgotten to sign the attendance sheet. Students requesting attendance record changes must present sufficient evidence supporting their claim to their faculty member.

Signing an attendance sheet on behalf of another student constitutes a violation of the Code of Student Conduct. Such violations will be reported to the Associate Dean.

Appeals of administrative withdrawals are granted in very limited circumstances at the sole discretion of the Associate Dean and Dean of Students.

Have questions regarding the attendance policy?
Contact Law Enrollment Services at [email protected] or 973-642-8502.

Need help with our online attendance tool, Compass?
Contact Law Help Desk at [email protected] or 973-642-8017.