Adjunct Network Accounts (Adjunct Business Center, Wireless Access)

As with our full-time faculty, all law school adjunct faculty are supplied with a local AD network account to access important local resources such as wireless and printing.  Your local network account uses the same 8 letter username (or shortname) as your PirateNet or OKTA account but the initial password will be different.  Please see our LawHelpdesk for your initial local password.

Please note that your local law school account and your SHU cloud account are not the same account, and do not sync.  So when you change the password on one it does not change the password on the other.  This is by design, as one is for local services inside the law school building and managed locally, while the other is for outside the law building services, such Blackboard, Microsoft 365 apps, Teams and other cloud-based resources...  

Adjunct faculty with laptops and tablets are encouraged to use them in the law building whenever possible.