Microsoft Teams Training Docs and Videos

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How to Use Microsoft Bookings -

Quick Guide to Teams for Education -
Activating Your Course in Teams -
How to Record In Teams -
Raising Your Hand in Teams -
Adding Custom Background to Teams -
How To Use Presenter View in Teams -

How to Present PowerPoint slides in Teams -
How to Create Assignments & Grades in Teams -
How to use Breakout Rooms in Teams -
Turning on New Meeting Experience, Show Together Mode, Focus Mode, End Meeting Button for Faculty -

How to Take Attendance in Teams -

Teams for Education - Overview -

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Faculty Resources for Hyflex Teaching -

Keep Teaching with Teams -
Making Calls in Teams -
Join a Teams Meeting -
Managing Meetings in Teams -
Show Your Screen During A Meeting in Teams -
Managing Notifications in Teams -
Overview of Teams and Channels -


Other Videos- 

Microsoft Teams - Best Features -

PEI - How to Make A Phone Call -

PEI - Set Your Presence Status -

PEI - How to Schedule and Join a Meeting -

PEI - How to Share Your Desktop or Programs -

PEI - How to Transfer a Call in Teams -

PEI - How to Blur Your Video Background -

PEI - How to Share a Desktop or Window from Chat -

PEI - Setting Up Call Forwarding and Simultaneous Ring -

PEI - Check and Setup Your Voicemail -


Videos by Microsoft Teams for Education (longer format)

LMS and Teams -

Manage Campus and Student Workers with Shifts -

Once in Teams, type / in the search bar for a quick command list...
Type /help for handy guides and videos