Copiers at Seton Hall Law

Xerox Copiers for Faculty, Administration and Staff - Using BluePrint
In summer 2021, Seton Hall University implemented a cloud-based print management system called BluePrint and installed new Xerox copiers in all faculty, administration and staff locations.  This new system will not only meet our printing, copying, scanning and faxing needs at the law school, but will allow users to release their print jobs at any Blueprint copier on any floor or on any Campus.  It will also allow users to submit print jobs from home or off Campus, and will use SHU ID cards to log into copiers rather than typing in a username and password.

Submitting a Print Job to BluePrint from your Law School PC
To submit a print job to Blueprint from your law school PC or Mac, choose the preinstalled BluePrint printer as your print destination from the available printers listed.   Print as normal and your print job will then be transmitted to the BluePrint cloud queue.  Your print job will be held in queue for 24hrs.

Releasing a Print Job

To release a BluePrint print job at the law school, first locate a Xerox copier on the list below...

Faculty 5th Floor Hallway (B/W) 
Faculty 5th Floor near conference room (color)
Faculty 4th Floor Hallway (B/W)
Faculty 4th Floor near mailboxes (color)
Deans Suite 3rd Floor (color)
Alumni/Communications 2nd Floor (color)
Career Services 4th Floor student wing (color)
Clinic 2nd floor (B/W)
Clinic 1st floor (color)

Once at the copier, use your SHU ID Card to swipe through the card reader or enter your Print Sentry passcode.  This will unlock the copier and register the session to your portion of the cloud queue.   The Secure Print screen will then appear showing the number of documents you have in queue.  Select print all, or select individual jobs to print if desired.

Once you print jobs have printed, remember to LOGOUT by selecting your name or shortname on the upper left, and pressing logout.

Using Copy, Scan and Fax Features on BluePrint Xerox Copiers

Blueprint Xerox copiers also allow users to Copy, Scan to Email and Scan to USB Memory stick on all models.  Fax capabilities are available on select copiers only. 

To access these features, first use your SHU ID Card to unlock and log into the BluePrint copier.  From the Secure Print screen, choose the More Options box on the right.   At this point you will see 3 primary options...  Copy...  Email...  and Scan To...

Copy will allow you to make copies and give you options such number of copies, double sided and other common features...

Email is Scan To Email...  but only to your SHU email account...  This will allow you to scan documents either through the document scanner or the copier glass, and all scans will become PDFs...  and email only to your SHU email address...

Scan To will allow you to scan to an attached USB memory stick. The USB memory stick slot on most models is on the top, left of the copier, near the card reader...

Remember to Logout 

Once you have completed your task at the copier, please remember to LOGOUT by selecting your name or shortname on the upper left, and pressing logout.