Local Network Account - Active Directory (AD)

The Rodino Center IT provides all faculty, administrators, librarians and staff with a local network account for local authentication, print services and access to important cloud services.  To access this account, please login on your office PC with your "shortname", which usually consists of the first 6 letters of your LAST name and the first 2 of your FIRST name. If your last name is less than 6 letters then use your entire last name and as much of your first name as needed to get 8 letters. (Ex: SMITHJOE for Joe Smith).  All new personnel should contact our Law Helpdesk to receive their first time password.

It is highly recommended that all first time network users change their local network password to something private and easily remembered. All passwords must contain at least 5 letters or numbers, with no periods, commas, dashes, spaces or obscure characters.

Please note that while your LawNet portal login code and your Law School AD login code are the same code, your passwords may not be.  They are 2 separate accounts and credentials do not sync, so when you change your password in one the other account's password does not change.  This is by design, as one account is for local, inside the law school resources such as local login and print services, while the other is for cloud resources such as Blackboard course management and Microsoft 365 services...  including email, OneDrive storage, Sharepoint and Teams...