Faculty Office Hardware, Software and Printing

The Division of Legal Computing provides various computer hardware, printers and other devices in all full-time faculty offices, open stations and other faculty areas. Specifications are listed below:

Hardware:  The law school provides each faculty member, administrator, librarian and staff member with a Windows PC (running Windows 10) with Internet access. All computers are Intel based (I5 or better) with 4gb or better RAM, 120gb SSD hard drives, DVD/CDRW optical drives, Microsoft optical mice, and 1gb network connection for fast data delivery. Monitors are Lenovo flat screen 22, 23 or 24" LED panels, most with webcam and microphone, and many dual panel installs. All systems are configured to our Microsoft AD network, and require valid credentials to access.

Software: The law school supports a standardized package of software on all networks as well as department specific software for individual user needs. Our core software includes:

Windows OS 10, Microsoft Office 2016 (including Outlook, Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Access), Chrome, Skype, Adobe and a variety of broswers, utilities and specialty programs.

Printing: For printing, the law school uses only Hewlett Packard printers for local office printing. These range from the new P402 series to the trusty HP1200 with faculty and administration network printers as Canon B/W and color copier/printers.... with staplers... color scanning, PDF...  and lots more...