Permitted/Authorized User

As with all computer departments, certain policies and procedures must be employed to effectively manage, maintain and grow our systems for all users. These policies, rules and regulations were developed taking into consideration factors such as the nature of computing, our computer hardware and software, our network design, staff and budget constrains, administrative controls and the current state of technology. The following rules and regulations apply to all Seton Hall Law School network users. These rules are subject to change and revision at any time.

Authorized Users Defined
Only current Seton Hall Law School students, faculty, adjunct faculty, administration, librarians, staff, Seton Hall Law School alumni and Seton Hall University undergraduate students and faculty are authorized to use law school computers, computer peripherals, printers, communication devices, wireless or any other computer or computer related devices or systems. All other person or persons wishing access to our systems must obtain permission through the Division of Legal Computing and its Dean.