Network Support

One of the primary functions of the Rodino Center IT and SHU Campus Systems Support is to keep our networks on-line and functional at all times. Toward that goal, the Rodino Center reserves the right to take whatever steps necessary to ensure the health of our networks, up to and including the deletion of any network software, network accounts, data, local software or devices.  The Rodino Center IT and SHU Systems support reserve the right to delete all or a portion of any account, access to the account or access to the network if it is determined that repair, maintenance or security work must be performed.


Please note that while rare, network outages do occur. The Rodino Center and SHU SYstems Support shall not be responsible for any lost time, lost data, data that cannot be accessed or data that must be deleted in order to maintain the health of our network and related systems.


Lack of access to the network or SHU systems shall not be a consideration in terms of when assignments or papers are due or other school related deadlines. Students should always back up important data to multiple locations, including cloud storage and local devices.