Printers Use, Care, Maintenance (Office, Copier/Printer, Labs)

General Support: The Rodino Center IT is responsible for the "overall" support of all printers in the law building. However, support is limited and the level of support offered is determined by factors such as where the printer is located, what kind of printer it is, how many users it services and budgetary and staff restrictions. For practical purposes, support and maintenance responsibilities must be SHARED between the RCIT and the user, with the user supporting the daily use, care and maintenance of a printer and the RCIT supporting physical installation and repair.

Basic Use, Care and Maintenance of Office Printers:  For basic use and care such as changing ink, adding paper, clearing paper jams and basic cleaning and maintenance, the user is responsible for these tasks. Users are required to learn and become familiar with the basics workings of their printer, such as how to change paper and ink, how to clear paper jams, what the buttons on the printer do and the "quirks" of their printer. This makes support sense as users are the ones who deal with the printer on a daily basis and they are present when basic service is needed. If, however, the problem is more complex, the user should contact the RCIT for help.

For department/student networked copier/ printers, users again can provide basic care and maintenance but only such tasks as adding paper and clearing print jams. As these systems are more complex and covered under maintenance agreements, tasks such as adding toner must be performed by trained personnel. Please see our Document Services department on the 2nd floor Student Wing for assistance.

For student copier/printers located in the Rodino Center, the Rodino Center staff and RCIT personnel are responsible for the care and maintenance of those printer while on duty. Student users, however, can also help by adding paper and clearing paper jams when needed, especially in the evenings and on weekends.

For any service beyond basic use, care and maintenance, users should contact the Rodino Center Service Desk for support.  A user should NEVER disassemble a printer or perform any non-user serviceable repairs.  If a printer/copier needs physical repair, the Service Desk/RCIT will contact our vendor for repair.