Software Support

General Support: In general, Rodino Center IT and SHU System Support are responsible for all authorized computer software present on our PCs and networks as well as the network software itself. That being said, there are many levels of support that apply and the levels of support arise from how software access is organized, the complexity of the software and limitations of staffing and personnel.

Core Software: Simply put, the Rodino Center IT and SHU Systems Support are responsible for the "presence" of core software on PCs and through cloud subscriptions, but not the actual operation of it. This means that if a user can access the software in its default configuration, primary responsibility then transfers to the end user. Reference materials for all our programs are available on-line at the vendor websites, and help can be found on many issues through Google, Bing and numerous forums. Please note that the RCIT is only responsible for the initial installation of core software on our PCs and all user-adjustable settings are the responsibility of the user.

Non-Core Software: Department Specific Software or Local Software:
Many users use software in their daily work that are beyond the core software offered by the University or the Law School. As a policy, the RCIT is not responsible for the detailed workings of these types of software, just the ability to reach and run the application or site. The inner workings of these programs are beyond the scope of the services the RCIT can provide, but we are always willing to help to remedy a problem or issue.