Student Network Rules and Regulations (Labs, Printing, Conduct)

All student network and e-mail accounts are subject to numerous rules and regulations. Most rules and regulations are common sense, such as excessive or abusive use of e-mail, excessive printing beyond allowed limits, physical abuse of computers or printers, and the like. The Rodino Center IT along with SHU Systems Support reserves the right to take whatever steps necessary to ensure the proper operation of our networks and systems, up to and including the erasure of personal files and accounts, the suspension of network services on an individual account or network-wide basis, or the downing of network servers for maintenance and expansion. While we strive to have all network services operational at all times, system issues do occur, and therefore as a precaution and part of standard computer use, every user should back up important files on multiple devices and/or cloud storage.

Use of Printers/Copiers: The use of printers/copiers at the law school is a privilege that can be abused if not carefully regulated. As a rule, each student is permitted to print up to 3000 pages per semester. Anyone found in violation of this policy may have their printing privileges revoked for the remainder of the semester or academic year. Also, in the interest of conservation, all users should print double sided if they can and should only print out what they need and will read. Faculty and staff should restrict their printing to only what is essential and avoid waste.