Web Policy: Web Page Creation, Maintenance and Support

Form and Structure: All official SHLS web pages are stored on the University Web Server in the manner deamed appropriate by the Rodino Center IT, SHU Systems Support and the Office of Communications. The form and structure of these directories and databases is determined by internal department procedures.

Access To Pages: While all persons with access to the web can view our public web pages, only a select few of our law school users are authorized to make changes or create new pages. These users, known as "content editors", are authorized by the Office of Communications and given the appropriate system access to their portion of our content management system.  Those requesting content editor access should contact [email protected] for authorization and instructions.

Requesting Changes or Additions to Webpages:  To request changes to official SHLS web pages, please contact the authorized content editor for that portion of the page.  For a listing of current content editors please contact [email protected]. All changes or additions must comply with law school webpage standards as determined by the Office of Communications.