Install Printing for PC

Mobility Print Installer for Windows

To setup Papercut Mobility printing on your Windows PC, first download and run the Mobility Print Installer located at this link ->  Mobility Installer for Windows

Complete the install and choose Law School Printer [MOBILITY] as the printer to install.  For login credentials, enter your local network username and password, the one you use for wireless inside the law building.  Install should then complete and a new printer called Law School Printer [MOBILITY] should appear in your Devices and Printers...

Print a Test Page

Once the printer is installed, print a test page (any page will do).  Choose the Law School Printer [MOBILITY] as your print destination and make sure that your paper size is LETTER, as no other paper sizes are supported.  Click print and your print job will be submitted to the Papercut queue.

Release Your Print Job

Once the test print job has been submitted to our Papercut queue, locate a release station in the Rodino Center.  At the release station, enter your local network username and password to log into the terminal.  Find your print job and select print on the far right.  Your print job should then print on the copier attached to the release station.